There's something about Fly..


The Fly General


We all know him as a cutting edge producer and DJ with an uncanny talent for edgy dance floor hits and incredible style, but who’s the man behind this elusive and almost mythical genius?
Uberpop met up with The Fly General in his studio to talk stuff !
I’m sitting in a small but well stocked studio in a funky Birmingham suburb. Fly is stripping a 16th rhythm to its bare bones as i kick off with the obvious question - the origin of his name.
“When i was a boy i looked a bit like a fly, my eyes were bulbous and i had very hairy legs. The other kids used to call me ‘The Fly’ which made me feel sad, so i shaved my legs, donned a pair of flying goggles and  walking stick, and  added the word ‘General’ to transform myself into some kind of LA rapper. Unfortunately, the other kids didn't share my vision and the name calling worsened but in my mind i was re-born; my confidence grew, i was better than them, and destined to become something special, something great.”
A solitary tear runs down Fly’s cheek as he remembers his troubled childhood, so i change the direction of conversation by asking about his entry into the music scene.
“It all began at the school prom. I was queuing up outside, on my own as usual, and suffering the usual taunts from the other kids. Suddenly, the school DJ ‘BigBoy’ arrived in a stretch limo with an entourage of buxom beauties. To this day i'm unsure if he felt sorry for me, or was blown away by my new look, but he beckoned me out of the queue, gave me a record bag to carry and took me in on his guest list. I felt on top of the world as i scowled from behind the decks at my tormentors and i knew there and then that the music scene was for me.”
Fly wipes away his tear, and gently rocks back and forth with clenched fists and a distant stare, shaking with an overwhelming sense of retribution, so i ask him to reveal the meaning behind some of his hauntingly cryptic lyrics.
“Ever since i was a student i have been fascinated by the ephemeral nature of the mind. What starts out as a triumph soon becomes corrupted into a hegemony of regret, leaving only a sense of decadence and the inevitability of a new synthesis. Probably.”
A look of confusion emerges on Fly’s face as he struggles to comprehend his pointlessly arty ramblings so i finally ask him to share his vision for the band.
“Everyone knows you can’t see into the future without a crystal ball and i haven’t got one. We look to Marvin for stuff like this, he’s got one. He reckons we’re gonna ‘go home’ some day when they discover inter-dimensional travel. He’s a bit much sometimes, but we go along with his s$!t cos it amuses us.
A wry smile spreads across Fly’s face as he contemplates his bandmate’s insanity so i thank him and leave . . . . none the wiser !

Glam rock to uber pop


Nick Diamante


Nick Diamante, ladies man and, all purpose music media node. But it wasn't always like this, Barry Holmes investigates.
"I've been into music forever, music was my first love. I started out when i was 12 in an accordion based duo going by the  name of 'Incumbent Fylth'. We were The Big News in the West Midlands under 14's band scene. We had it all at our feet but it went to Robin's head and he spiralled out of control, spending all his money on exotic animals and the like. You know the rest.
I drifted around for a while trying to get me a new mojo and eventually formed a band that was going to define the 80's in the West Midlands conurbation, Marzipan. After a surprise hit in Algeria and a deleted appearance on their version of Saturday Superstore we hung up our pastel flannels and went our separate ways.
Thats when i discover GLAM !!!!!
I met this dude called Peter Pluto in pet shop in Chelmsley Wood & we teamed up under the name of Space Disco. Our biggest hit, 'Fizzy Gravy' went to no. 42 in the former Yugoslavia and if the federation had held for 1 more week we would have crept into the top 40. I still see Peter now and then, after we parted he set up a successful painting and decorating business in Sheldon.
One last stab at stardom beckoned, a rap trio called 'Zelda's Chickens'. We were the original beat boyz until my opposite number, Kevin Farmyard, ran off to join the circus.
That's when i met Fly. He was DJ'ing for a product launch in the frozen food isle of our local supermarket. He was playing this new music called dance. I remember being mesmerised by this 'computer music' and its hypnotic beat. I approached him with an idea. What if we joined forces to create our own computer music style, blending all what i had learned during my youth with his technological prowess  to create the perfect blend of sonic fantasy and visual overload. He slowly took off his headphones, staring at me intensely, stuck his thumb up at me and said . . . bostin !
Nick Diamante and The Fly General had formed an unlikely partnership and neither of them knew the fame and fortune that awaited them . . .

Stash's morning after fix




Here's a tasty smoothie you can make at home to emulate your favourite rocker Stash. Get a parent to help you with the blending and rock out with this Sweeeeeet Tasty Treat - Yeah !!!!
1 Banana
10 Grapes 
Handful of blueberrys
Handful of frozen berries (Any kind)
2" of Cucumber
1 Beetroot
Curly Kale (The more the better)
2" of Broccoli Stem
1 Yoghurt (any flavour)
Apple Juice 
Simply blend all the ingredients and add apple juice to the desired consistency
Stash Says - "As an international guitar guru and father of 3, it's important i put my body through a daily cycle of abuse and repair, there's a lot of kids out there who look to me for inspiration so i have to behave a certain way. The extensive partying can leave me feeling tired and deflated so it's important i have the right team of nutrients behind me. This is one of my favourite 'liveners', and it's the first and possibly most important part of my morning ritual. The multitude of different flavenoids from the cruciferous vegetables help my body dispose of the filth i accumulate living it up, whilst the high levels of phyto-nutrients in the berries give my cells the protection they deserve. With 4 super-foods in one tasty smoothie, i'm up and about in no time, shopping for beer or writing the next No. 1 hit"